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What Would Jim Henson Drive? The Toyota Prius

Perhaps it was because weve been awash in yuletide eggnog, but Autoblog (and apparently the entire automotive press) missed Toyotas Prius being honored with the first-ever Jim Henson Technology Award on December 21. [Insert Its Not Easy Being Green jokes here].

The award, part of the newly-created Jim Henson Honors, is an annual program that acknowledges organizations, individuals or products that reflect the core values and philosophy of Jim Henson and the company he founded in 1955. Alrighty, then. The three other awards given out by Brian and Lisa Henson (co-CEOs of The Jim Henson Company) included the Celebration Honor: author JK Rowling; the Creativity Honor: musical mashups The Gorillaz; and the Community Honor, Bill Haber of Save The Children.

Does this mean that well see an Electric Mayhem Edition of Toyotas Little Green Clean Machine with the entire Gorillaz catalog preloaded onto a Phat Box and Save the Children bumper sticker out back? We can only hope.


What Would Jim Henson Drive? The Toyota Prius
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