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    2004 Toyota Prius Review, Jdbrandtmd, From Sacramento

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With Navigation/Bluetooth/Keyless Entry

 ModelWith Navigation/Bluetooth/Keyless Entry
 What things have gone wrong with the car?As noted above, I was surprised the car did not have power seats with a memory function, nor does it have leather as an option.

This was our first 'hatchback' car, and my wife and I were a bit concerned about the rear visibility. It's certainly less than we'd like, but we're getting used to it.
 General comments?We were looking for a replacement for my wife's 1995 Avalon, which she uses primarily as an around-town commuter car. We were interested in an environmentally-friendly car and pre-ordered the Prius with all the bells and whistles, sight unseen, based mostly on the hype and positive reviews. When it came in and we finally got to drive it, we bought it on the spot. Toyota really listened to their customers and this second generation Hybrid is terrific - a perfect blend of technology, ergonomics and fun. It won't win any drag races, but it's plenty peppy enough for driving around town; I've had no concerns accelerating onto on ramps or merging with traffic. The interior roominess is great with superb fit and finish - externally it looks like a small (compact) car, but internally it feels very roomy.. It is a bit skittish with a strong crosswind but no more than any other lightweight car. I'm a gadget nut, so this car with upgraded electronics is right up my alley. It all works seamlessly (I'll be switching cell phone providers in early '04 to obtain bluetooth phones for us to use in the car). The keyless entry system is terrific. The navigation system seems very accurate, but the interface is a bit more complicated than seems necessary (my other car is an Acura RL with a nav system, where the interface is very clean and simple). For a car with all these bells and whistes, I was surprised to find that it did not have memory seats
 Previous car1995 Avalon (which this replaces)

Review 2004 Toyota Prius Jdbrandtmd, From Sacramento
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